Part of the Ewon Tools

Ewon Custom Configuration/Troubleshooting page

1. Modem Troubleshooting page.

This custom page allows the manual configuration and troubleshooting of your Ewon modem connection issues
This page is designed for Ewon Cosy131 where there is no specific menu for these operations
To use it, download the page and upload it to your Ewon usr/ directory via FTP.
Then open the page (http://<EwonLanIP>/usr/cellular_config.shtm) in your web browser and submit your Ewon credentials once in the web browser pop up and once in the page. You'll finally get a clear modem diagnostic view, an easy way to configure your modem connection manually (especially on Cosy) and a simple way to enable advanced diagnostic.

2. Anybus Bolt 4G Easy Config page for Ewon Flexy.

This custom configuration wizard page is intended to ease the internet connection configuration of a Flexy using an Anybus Bolt 4G.

All you have to do is to
  • Reset your Anybus Bolt
  • Plug it to the Ewon WAN port
  • Install the configuration page in your Flexy usr/ directory (FTP)
  • Display the page (http://<EwonLanIP>/usr/bolt.shtm) and follow the wizard instructions
  • The wizard will configure the Flexy AND the bolt and also test the Internet connection